Dr. Stefan Kooths

MAKROMAT-nfx: Attendant Material for CEF-Contribution, Boston 99

Title: Computing in Economics and Finance - Fifth Conference of the Society for Computational Economics
Session: 10.3, 6/26/99, 09:30-10:45 Fulton 145 (Genetic Algorithms II)
Download: cef99-kooths (presentation).pdf (overheads for the conference presentation)
Title: Modelling Rule- and Experience-Based Expectations Using Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
Download: cef99-kooths.pdf (final conference version 06/18/99)
Software (Beta-Release for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and 98)
Setup Disk-Set: disk1 disk2 disk3 disk4 disk5
All-in-one Setup: setup.exe
Models and Rule Bases
Model 1: demo-nfx1 (adaptive).mm5
Model 2: demo-nfx1 (rational).mm5
Rule Base 1: demo-nfx1 (gP, two-dimensional).nfx
Rule Base 2: demo-nfx1 (gP, rational, 3 terms).nfx
Rule Base 3: demo-nfx1 (gP, rational, 5 terms).nfx